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Nina Taylor is your voice in Albert Park

Raised in a loving family, the eldest of two in the South East of Melbourne, with parents who instilled a strong work ethic, and a social conscience. Early interaction with the Arts through dance instilled a passion for our Creatives as a cultural imperative. A penchant for fairness propelled me towards legal qualifications, representing the vulnerable and service to community, from Local to State government. An enduring commitment to sustainability, drives my decision-making – to leave a better future for all.

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Community Survey

I want to find out what issues matter most to you. As your local representative in the Victorian Parliament, I am committed to addressing the issues and concerns that are important to you.

By completing my community survey, you can help me shape the policies and initiatives which will impact the electorate of Albert Park. Let’s work together to improve our progressive community.

2 Minute survey

Our core values


All Victorians have the right to high quality and affordable education and training throughout their life. Our government believes in integrated health and education services and making sure all children can grow up accessing education and training that is inclusive, diverse and supportive of those in need.

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All Victorians deserve the opportunity to have meaningful and rewarding employment that is safe, secure and free from discrimination.

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