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About Nina Taylor MP

Education and Life experience

Nina lives locally in Southbank. Before entering Parliament, Nina was a Councillor at Glen Eira City Council. She had previously worked for the Community and Public Sector Union, completed articles at a corporate law firm, and volunteered at the Women’s Legal Service. Nina is also multilingual.

Her first jobs were as a schoolteacher and in promotion and education relating to chronic disease management in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the disability sector (hearing loss).

Progressive values

As a Councillor, Nina collaborated with local community on reforms such as low carbon transport and sustainability measures. She wanted the opportunity to collaborate further with her community. This is what prompted her to run for Parliament.

Nurturing the local environment, making sure to compost food scraps and to respect biodiversity were a significant part of her home life through childhood, and this has inspired a quest to protect our local fauna, and flora and take real action on climate change.

Nina also loved to dance ballet and take part in theatre, and this has fostered a lifelong love and respect for the Arts.  Progressive values instilled in her early years continue to underpin her community advocacy.

Priorities and public policy

The priorities Nina has for her community are reducing waste and encouraging lower cost, low carbon energy provision, as well as driving educational opportunities, the rollout of major mental health care reforms, enhancing quality open space, access to multi-modal transport options, and providing the dignity of safe shelter for Victorians in need.

The areas of public policy that she is most passionate about are environment, energy, climate change, education, health, housing, equality, creative arts, community sport and multiculturalism.


  • Parliamentary Secretary for Justice (current)
  • Parliamentary Secretary for Training & Skills (December 2022–August 2023)
  • Parliamentary Secretary for Health (June 2022–December 2022)
  • Government Whip, Legislative Council (October 2020–August 2022)

Parliamentary Committees

  • Legal and Social Issues Committee, Legislative Council (current)
  • Public Accounts and Estimates Committee, Joint (2021 – 2022)
  • Environment and Planning Committee, Legislative Council (March 2019 – April 2022)
  • Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee, Joint (December 2018 – October 2020)

Community Involvement

  • Public Housing Renewal Committee Brighton, Chair (2021 – 2022)
  • Public Housing Renewal Committee Prahran, Co-Chair (2021 – 2022)
  • Level Crossing Removal Consultation Committee Cheltenham (complete)
  • Level Crossing Removal Consultation Committee Mentone (complete)