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Our government knows that to build the best society possible, we need to be aware of the cost of using resources, and move towards sustainable measures wherever possible, whilst prioritising the lives and wellbeing of people.

Our government will never make decisions about environmental matters in a vacuum that gives no regard to the impacts on people, nor will we put our fingers in our ears and ignore scientific evidence that demonstrates that as a society, we need to collectively change our habits to become more sustainable for the long term.

Actions to address climate change must make our lives healthier and safer, create new jobs across Victoria, and preserve our natural environment for future generations.

Victoria needs to increase its reliance on renewable and low emissions sources of energy and when economic systems change, vulnerable sections of the community must be protected and supported.

Our natural assets and biodiversity must be protected through measures such as national and marine parks, and policies to support diverse and thriving ecosystem services with good legislation.

Food and water security is one of our state’s unique strengths and must be protected by Government.

It is essential to promote healthy eco-systems that provide us with clean air and water, clean food production and support biodiversity, to ensure that the essential needs of our society are met.

Resource based industries and primary producers must be supported to be productive and environmentally sustainable. All Victorians have a right to a healthy and safe environment.

Environmental policy and standards should be enshrined where possible in legislation to render it more difficult for future governments to reverse the protection of our citizens and environment.

Water assets and their management must remain in public hands.

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