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20 Sep 2021

Assessing Immunity to COVID-19

A new finger prick test that can quickly assess a person’s immunity to COVID-19 and whether they need a COVID-19 booster shot is being developed with funding support from our Victorian Government.
In less than 20 minutes, the COVID-19 NAb-Test shows the level of immunity present in individuals by accurately measuring the level of neutralising antibodies to COVID-19.
The new technology will also be able to predict a person’s immunity to new and emerging variants of COVID-19 and it can be used at scale for large groups.
The test could be used to determine whether a person may need a booster shot by analysing their current level of immunity to the virus.
Funded through a $500,000 grant as part of our Government’s $31 million investment into coronavirus research, world-leading experts from the Burnet Institute and Doherty Institute developed the test inside 12 months.
While the test is still at the prototype stage, the Burnet Institute and Doherty Institute are in commercial discussions to progress the COVID-19 NAb-Test so it can be used to benefit Victorians as soon as possible.
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