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06 May 2022

Future Proofing Hampton’s Much-Loved Bayside Pier

The Andrews Labor Government is rebuilding the much-loved Hampton Pier, ensuring it can be enjoyed safely by locals and visitors for years to come.

As part of an $18 million package to deliver critical works on local piers and jetties through the Victorian Budget 2022-23, Hampton Pier will be upgraded and reopened to the community. Other piers and jetties included in the package are Rye Pier and Fishermans Jetty Mornington, as well as funds to support the planning work required to maintain Old Flinders Pier.

These improvements to local piers and jetties will help support recreational fishing and tourism, and ensure locals and visitors have safe access to waterways across the state.

These projects will repair or replace local port assets so they can continue to serve communities along the state’s coastline. They will also contribute much-needed stimulus to local economies as tourists return and the state recovers from the pandemic.

The existing, unsafe structures at Hampton will be replaced, addressing the current and future needs of the community.

A renewed Hampton Pier will provide better opportunities for fishing, boating, sightseeing, scuba-diving and snorkeling.

The rebuilding of Hampton Pier will be delivered by Parks Victoria with design work commencing mid to late 2022.

A shoutout to the whole community advocacy that’s resulted in the rebuild and upgrade of this much-loved pier. With a special mention to the Pier Pressure campaign.

Community consultation is anticipated in coming weeks.

“We know how important piers and jetties are to local communities and these upgrades will ensure they can be enjoyed safely for years to come.’’

Minister for Ports and Freight Melissa Horne

“The upgrades at Hampton Pier will enhance and boost leisure activities, support jobs growth and should be celebrated by the local community who fought hard for these improvements.’’

– Member for Southern Metropolitan Region Nina Taylor

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