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22 Mar 2021

Government Support for Electric Vehicles

Cr Louise Crawford, Hon. Lily D'Ambrosio MP, Nina Taylor MP

This week’s budget allocated $25 million over four years to support further development of Victoria’s EV fast-charging network.

This adds to the $3 million our Government has previously provided to support the roll out of Australia’s fastest EV charging stations.

That program supported electric vehicle charging network, Chargefox, to develop seven sites across regional Victoria and Melbourne – all of which are now operational.

There was a further $664,000 provided earlier this year to build even more charging stations across regional Victoria.

These investments address what we know to be one of the greatest barriers to EV uptake – range anxiety – and are a necessary foundation for the electric vehicle revolution.

We are also providing $20 million to extend our zero-emissions bus trial for another three years.

The first phase of the trial saw an electric bus running on a busy route for the past year with impressive results.

The extended trial will test the viability of different zero-emissions technologies and will provide the opportunity to support local manufacturers and supply chains.

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