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12 Mar 2021

Helping Parents Choose the Best Kinder In Southern Metro

The Andrews Labor Government is making it easier for parents and carers to find approved kindergarten programs.

Member for Southern Metro, Nina Taylor today visited Lady Forster Kindergarten in Elwood to give them their Kinder Tick.

The new initiative being rolled out across Victoria makes it easier for families to identify approved and funded kindergarten programs – ensuring their children are attending the best programs.

Signage will be placed on services that deliver kindergarten programs, whether that’s in a long daycare setting or a standalone kinder. Only services that meet the following criteria will be eligible to use the kinder tick branding:

  • Led by a qualified teacher
  • Provides a play-based learning program
  • Funded and approved by the Victorian Government

Research shows that having qualified teachers and educators plan, deliver and evaluate play-based kindergarten programs leads to better outcomes for children.

Lady Forster Kindergarten in Elwood is one of around 2,600 early childhood education services across the state that will now display and use the Kinder Tick.

The brand makes it easier for families that want their children to attend kinder by identifying long day care and standalone services that offer approved funded programs. This will mean families can be assured that if they see the Kinder Tick branding – the kinder is endorsed by the Victorian Government.

This is one of the many initiatives the Government is launching to support the sector and deliver consistency across Victoria as we roll out universal Three-Year-Old Kindergarten.

In an Australian first, the Labor Government has committed almost $5 billion to deliver 15 hours of funded kindergarten programs for three-year olds to children in Victoria by 2029. The Three-Year-Old Kindergarten reform has already been rolled out to 21 local government areas and will expand across the rest of the state in 2022.

Long day care centres make up more than a third of services already delivering universal funded Three-Year-Old Kindergarten and together with standalone kinders are an important part of the early learning sector.


 “We are making it easier for families to find good quality kindergarten programs that suit their needs.”

— Minister for Early Childhood Ingrid Stitt

 “It won’t matter where you’re sending your child to kinder– if you see a tick, it means it’s a good quality service.”


“Southern Metro families can simply look for the Kinder Tick to find a teacher-led kindergarten program that supports their child’s learning and development and suits their needs.”

— Member for Southern Metro Nina Taylor


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