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08 May 2019

New Mobile CCTV to Boost Safety on Yarra Boulevard

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians will be better protected with two new mobile CCTV units to be rolled out along Yarra Boulevard in Kew thanks to the Andrews Labor Government.

The Labor Government has invested $110,000 from the Community Crime Prevention Program for the two mobile units which will be operated by Victoria Police.

The units, which will be housed on trailers, will significantly boost surveillance capabilities along the six-kilometre stretch of road.

The mobile units will capture CCTV footage that Victoria Police can use in their investigations, as well as being a highly visible deterrent to dangerous, illegal or anti-social behaviour.

The CCTV cameras will be in operation later this year and will be equipped with infra-red lights to maximise footage quality in the low light conditions.

The mobile units will also allow Victoria Police to use the cameras in other local areas to improve safety and strengthen operations.

Since 2015, the Community Crime Prevention Program has invested $91,441 to support six projects in the Boroondara area focused on community safety and local crime prevention solutions.

“Anyone taking part in anti-social or illegal behaviour are on notice, if you act up or cause trouble on Yarra Boulevard, you will be caught.”

—Minister for Crime Prevention Ben Carroll

“These two new mobile CCTV units will provide a great boost to safety both on Yarra Boulevard and in the broader City of Boroondara.”

—Minister for Crime Prevention Ben Carroll

“Community is at the heart of crime prevention and this is a great example of the right local solution to a community crime issue.”

—Member for Southern Metropolitan Nina Taylor

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