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Liveable Communities

Affordable Housing, Recreation and the Arts
There is a critical inter-relationship between the environment, society and the economy and, regardless of where people live, Victorians deserve access to a safe environment, good public services, secure jobs and a safe community. Our government has a strong record of protecting and safe-guarding our community assets.

Having a home is a basic need, so our government is committed to ensuring housing is affordable and accessible, and to tackling homelessness.

Thoughtful and long-term planning will build a liveable state, years into the future.

Providing opportunities to participate and volunteer in the local community is central to liveability and social cohesion.

Providing great sporting facilities will ensure the leisure and health of millions of Victorians, and supporting the creative industry both creates jobs and brings enjoyment to many.

Ensuring local government is well equipped to deliver local services is crucial.

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